Download Ghost of girlfriends past

Download ghost of girlfriends past

Connor Mead is a celebrity photographer who loves freedom, fun and woman. When he is about to ruin his brothers wedding by mocking around with the girls in the conference room, he was visited by the ghosts of his ex girl friends. And they take him to a hilarious laugh ride which is enjoyable to us.Together they find out the reason why Connor became in this state and helps him to find his true love.

Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner, two actors quite familiar with romantic comedies acts in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Mark waters

The film’s main problem is, McConaughey. There is no depth in his role. And that’s a real problem when acting requires that you should be able to make the audience love you despite themselves.The message is simple you cant run away from your past.
Matthew McConaughey - 'Connor Mead'
Jennifer Garner - 'Jenny Perotti'
Lacey Chabert - 'Sandra'
Breckin Meyer - 'Paul'
Michael Douglas - 'Uncle Wayne'
Emma Stone - 'Allison Vandermeersh'
Anne Archer - 'Vonda Volkom'
Robert Forster - 'Sergeant Volkom'
Daniel Sunjata - 'Brad'



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